Custom Steel Fabrication for the TV Set of Grimm

Hollywood Calling – Fire Escape for Grimm Season 5

Running a custom steel fabrication shop is seldom boring, sometimes challenging but never boring.

We were recently contacted by Universal Studios to fabricate a replica of a 1930’s fire escape balcony and ladder for the television show Grimm.

The catch was the needed it finished in time for a Monday morning shoot.

A couple of long days and one long night and the project was completed.

These pictures show Jim Kervin welding on the balcony. To see the completed job you will have to tune into episode 2 coming this fall.

Hooray for Hollywood!

1930's steel balcony made last minute for the set of Universal Studio tv series Grimm.

1930’s steel balcony made last minute for the set of Universal Studio tv series Grimm.

Steel balcony comes together in our Portland, Oregon metal shop

Season 5 Episode 2 of Grimm will feature this steel balcony made by the Kervin Brother’s right here in Portland, Oregon!

Finished but not installed steel balcony for the film set of Grimm

Steel balcony for the set of Grimm is nearing completion for use in filming.

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Custom Iron Handrail for Irvington Home

Replacing old handrails

We are asked a lot of times to replace old wood rails that have come loose or are starting to rot out. This is an example of a handrail that we fabricated and installed in Portland’s Irvington neighborhood. The top cap is made of flat bar with forged ends. The posts are 1 ½” square. The finish was matte black powder coat. We drilled 3” holes into the concrete and grouted the new rail in.

Old wood rail in front of Portland, Oregon home

New guard rail for a Portland, Oregon home

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