Ironwork Project Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I get an estimate and is it free?
Answer: Yes, all estimates are free. Give us a call or Email pictures of where you would like the work to be.
We will give you a “ball park” idea of costs for your job. If the estimate is within the budget, we will come out to look at your site and prepare a firm bid.
Question: Can you work from my designs?
Answer: Yes, give us a sketch or an address of an existing work that you like and we can begin from there. We are also happy to provide design ideas or work with your architect.In fact it is always a good thing to involve us early in the design process. We will have more experience working with steel than an architect and can help to insure a proper, cost effective design.
Question: I like your bid, what happens next?
Answer: We will write a simple contract asking for a down payment. When received we will schedule your job for measurement. After measurement we will prepare a drawing of your job for your approval.
Question: How long does it take before my job is installed?
Answer: That depends on our work load and your job size. All of our products are custom built to your design, the more complex the design the longer time in the shop. Trying to be fair to all our customers we fab and install your job in the order received.
Question: Do I need to be home for the installation?
Answer: While many people want to be home when we install your job, the only time that’s required is for interior installs. For exterior installs we will need: Access to work, 110 volt outlet, hose bib for water.
Question: What is my job made out of and how is it painted?
Answer: Modern ornamental iron is made from higher carbon mild steel. The term “wrought iron” referred to a type of low carbon steel that is only produced in small mills and is hard to come by.We send all of our projects out to be sandblasted and powder coated. After the electrostatic powder is applied, the steel is oven baked for a hard, durable finish.
Question: How do I care for my ironwork?

Answer: There’s not much care on powder coated iron. When it gets dirty wipe the surface with a soft cloth, or wipe down with a light solution of soap and water.
Question: Will my ironwork rust?
Answer: All steel rusts over time. We provide a professionally applied, two coat oven baked powder. We warranty all of our work for a year.